Rethinking hothouse and grow wall technologies, HOT-WALL proposes a new type of household appliance for the cultivation of interior plant life. Composed of a light-weight aluminum truss structure, each HOT-WALL prototype is equipped with red/blue spectrum emitting grow lights that aid the abundant growth of leafy foliage. As most houseplants are imported from tropical biomes, the grow lights act as an environmental proxy, artificially recreating the spectral conditions of a plant's indigenous habitat. This ambient pink glow emitted from each HOT-WALL makes visible the apparatus at work. Reorienting the spatial arrangements, environmental systems, and labor habits of domestic space, HOT-WALL disturbs our familiar spaces toward the creation of a new ecology of care. 

"Portrait of a Palm" is a digital collage that explores the indigenous ecologies, global supply chains, and consumer markets of the Majesty Palm, a popular houseplant. 

Prototype, 2020-2021

Project Leads: Daniel Jacobs, Brittany Utting

Design Team: Jianing Cui