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Photo by Jason Chen

Architectures of Care: From the Intimate to the Common

Edited by Brittany Utting, Routledge, 2023


Forest Governmentality and the Struggle for More-Than-Human Sovereignty

Daniel Jacobs and Brittany Utting, The Avery Review, No. 56

Blockchain Ecologies: Ownership Beyond Extraction

Daniel Jacobs and Brittany Utting, MIT Thresholds 50: Before | After

Revisit: Climat de France by Fernand Pouillon

Daniel Jacobs and Brittany Utting, Architectural Review: Stone

The Difficult View: Palm House Prototypes for the Orto Botanico

Daniel Jacobs and Brittany Utting, Plat 10.0: Behold

Public Proxies

Brittany Utting, e-flux Architecture: Treatment

HOT-WALL: From Trending Tropicals to Technologies of Care

Daniel Jacobs and Brittany Utting, ARQ 108: Vegetation

Upon Receipt of Care

Brittany Utting, Architecture As Measure

HOT-WALL: A Simple Machine

Daniel Jacobs and Brittany Utting, POOL No.6: Plant

Company Town: Housing for Houston

Brittany Utting, Cite Digital

A Digital Oikos

Daniel Jacobs and Brittany Utting, AA Files 77


Daniel Jacobs and Brittany Utting, ARQ 105: Resistance

A Conversation About the Activist Mood and Architecture's Ghosts

Daniel Jacobs and Peggy Deamer, Gradient Journal Feed #1

Maintenance Work: An Interview with HOME-OFFICE

Daniel Jacobs and Brittany Utting, Yale Paprika! Out of Work // Out of Control


Daniel Jacobs and Brittany Utting, JAE 73:2 Work

The Domestic Generic

Brittany Utting, ARQ 101: Freedom

Red Room Green Screen

Brittany Utting, JAE 73:1 Atmospheres

Ethos Office: A Design Manual for the Future of Work

Daniel Jacobs, Pidgin 24

An Architecture without Contempt

Daniel Jacobs and Brittany Utting, CARTHA - Building Identity

The Fief of Ford

Daniel Jacobs, San Rocco Magazine: The Client Issue

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